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Chiltern U3A was formed in October 1999 and currently has over 1400 members and more than 100 subject groups. 

Most subject group meet once or twice a month, some more frequently, and programmes are decided by the members of the group.  General meetings, with an invited speaker, are held on third Wednesday of the month in the Drake Hall in the Community Centre in Amersham.

A quarterly Newsletter is distributed to all members giving full details of each of the groups' activities and other items of interest. There is also a regular electronic bulletin, and the Newsletter is available to members by email as well as on paper.

Membership is open to anyone who is retired from full-time work and who has an interest in continuing to learn.  You may join any of our special interest groups that have vacancies whether you are an expert or a complete novice wishing to develop a new interest. You are welcome to come along to one or two meetings as a "taster" before joining.

Membership costs just £24 a year. The full subscription is £30, but new members receive a welcome discount of £6. Members joining after October 1st pay just £12 for the half year until renewal is due by the end of March. Renewal notices are sent out in December, with email reminders in January, February and March. Members who pay by the end of March receive a discount of £6, as a reward for renewing in time.

There is no additional charge for joining any of the groups.  Of course, where external costs are incurred, such as for outings, a charge is made.

If you would like to join us please send your name and contact details to our new members' secretary at u3anewmembers@chiltern-u3a.org.uk. New members are usually admitted each month, although no new members are admitted between the end of December and the end of March. However, you can still register your interest in joining by emailing the new members' secretary.

For a little fun, Mike Hender thinks that some members of the committee have been practicing for the next ‘Dancing for the Terrified’ group concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUn4AurqNY8

Although we call ourselves the University of the Third Age, we do not offer formal courses, nor do we offer any degrees or diplomas. Our purpose is to offer members a wide variety of physical, intellectual and artistic activities to keep them alert, fit and healthy, as well as opportunities to get out, meet new friends and enjoy a varied social life.

The organisation is run entirely by volunteers, and there are many and varied opportunities for members to make their own contribution to its success. The organisation only survives if there are volunteers who are prepared to use their own skills and aptitudes to make it work.

book coverThe Family History groups have produced a book "Amersham Remembers" to commemorate the men who gave their lives in the Great War, in collaboration with the Amersham Museum.

Click here to view the book on the Amersham Museum website


The Thames Valley Network

The Thames Valley Network (TVN) is a network of 34 U3As in the Thames Valley area, covering cover towns in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. The aim is to increase communication between neighbouring U3As and encourage joint events, seminars and conferences.
The TVN has been running since 2008 and has organised a number of study days and training days for U3A members. Future events are advertised on the Thames Valley Network website at http://www.u3atvnetwork.org.uk/index.html. Any member can apply directly to join in these events via application forms that are downloadable from the website. Group Convenors may get involved in organising group participation for their members.


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