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Convenors: David Pearson and Tony Wright with Jim Lukmanji and John Brewell


The photography group meets twice a month, on the first and third Fridays, from 14:30 to 16:30 in the Amersham Community Centre Large Barn Hall.

This group has vacancies.

On the first Friday the emphasis is on pictorial photography. Each meeting has a set subject for which members are invited to submit four photographs, as well as a tutorial on some aspect of photography. Click here to see a gallery of photos from the set subjects.

The preferred way of submitting your images is as a series of attachments to an email - click here for details. You may also bring images along to the meeting on a memory stick.

On the third Friday we explore techniques and technologies that help members improve their understanding of photographic editing software and other digital imaging techniques. The meeting format is varied to appeal to all levels of expertise, with tutorials and opportunities to view members' images of a themed subject.

Expert assistance is always available to any Chiltern U3A member at each meeting. Please bring along your camera, user manual and current Chiltern U3A membership card.

There are links below to slide shows of some of our work. If you want to see individual images click on the slideshow to pause it and use the on screen arrows to advance or go back.  

Click here to see galleries of photos taken on outings and as set subjects

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, October 2016
and more from Guru Guruswamy
Yoesdon Bank photoshoot, July 2016.
Fox Talbot exhibition and Bank of England photoshoot June 2016.
Windsor photoshoot, April 2016.
RAF Museum, Hendon, Photoshoot February 2016

We looked at the technical challenges of the exercise and several of the participants talked through their before and after images. Click here for a presentation from Mike Hender which captures some of these and his solution.

For those who want to see more of the museum, there are additional sets of this and previous visits from Tony and Guru at:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/guru007/albums/72157653299965234/show  https://www.flickr.com/photos/timelapsed/albums/72157636819372953/show

South Bank photoshoot, January 2016

Click here for a set of albums of photos taken by members on various occasions
See the photos from Mike Hender's talk about Annie Leibowitz in May 2016
See a selection of photos by J B Portway, a founder member of Ealing Photographic Society, in 1891

The following notes from pictorial session meetings are available:

Hyperfocal distance versus focus stacking by Stephen Jones, June 2018
Focus stacking for macro by David Pearson, June 2018
Time lapse photography by Nigel Dorian, November 2017
Focus stacking by Stephen Jones, November 2017
Lomo photography and the Diana F+ by Geoff Walker, October 2017
A personal view of Yousef Karsh by Ian Hutt, October 2017
Common faults in images by David Pearson, August 2017
Walking Hadrian's Wall path by John Harding, July 2017
Jane Bown, photojournalist by Guru Guruswamy - July 2017
Lenses by Stephen Jones - June 2017
Digital expossure techniques by David Pearson - May 2017
Record photography by Tony Wright - April 2017
How are the mighty fallen - the sad tale of Eastman Kodak by Nigel Dorian
Concert photography, by Guru Guruswamy and Tony Wright - notes from the January 2017 meeting
How my camera works, by Roger Leach - notes from the November 2016 meeting
Space - notes from the October 2016 meeting
Trends at Photokina 2016 by Tony Wright - notes from the October 2016 meeting
Photographing flowers and butterflies by Stephen Jones - notes from the August 2016 meeting
How I cope with lots of images by Guru Guruswamy - notes from the June 2016 meeting
High dynamic range - notes from the February 2016 meeting
Fill-in flash - notes from the September 2015 meeting
Notes from the August 2015 meeting
Notes from the July 2015 meeting

The following notes from digital imaging session meetings are available:

Achieving consistent colour, by Geoff Walker, November 2019
Managing tone and colour, by Tony Wright, October 2019
Colour essentials, by Tony Wright, September 2019
Any questions session, August 2019
Photo Editing Course: Image Size Resolution and Quality, July 2019
PowerPoint tips and tricks by Nigel Dorian, June 2019. Click here to see Nigel's effects live
PowerPoint Pointers by Tony Wright, June 2019
Thoughts on camera and sensor size by Stephen Jones, March 2019
Outline of the photo editing course, February 2019, and review of available software.
Eliminating Noise from High ISO Images, by Nigel Dorian, January 2019
Any questions session 2, September 2018
Any questions session, August 2018
Sensor size and image impact, by Tony Leonard, July 2018
Scene cleaning, by Nigel Dorian, June 2018
In Pixio photo-eraser, by David Bender, June 2018
The future of the camera phone, by Mike Hender, April 2018 (This is a large file that will take a minute or more to download)
Beyond the photobook, by Tony Wright, February 2018
Using the Lightroom library module, by Stephen Jones, January 2018
How to transfer photos from camera to iPad, by John Billington, December 2017
Keeptng on the straight and level by Stephen Jones, December 2017
What is happening to Lightroom and Photoshop, notes from the November 2017 meeting
Photobooks and beyond, notes from the November 2017 meeting: by Guru Guraswamy and Tony Wright
Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CC by David Pearson - notes from the August 2017 meeting
Panoramas by Stephen Jones - notes from the July 2017 meeting
Nik Collection - Analog Efex Pro by Tony Leonard and Color Efex Pro by Mike Hender - notes from the May 2017 meeting
HDR revisited by NIgel Dorian and How I use Faststone by Guru Guruswamy - notes from the April 2017 meeting
Introduction to Lightroom and Lightroom on the Move - notes fom the March 2017 meeting
Getting to grips with Photoshop by David Pearson - notes from the February 2017 meeting
Nik HDR (High Dynamic Range) Efex Pro by Nigel Dorian - notes from the December 2016 meeting
Drone photography by Tony Wright - notes from the November 2016 meeting
iPhone 7a camera and Adobe Lightroom Mobile by Mike Hender - notes from the November 2016 meeting
Combining images (September 2016). Download the images to work on (a large zip file, so be patient)
The Lumia refocus app (July 2016)
Curves and colour correction (May 2016)
Flash - theory and practice (May 2016)
Introduction to Lightroom (February 2016)
Compact, bridge or SLR cameras, (November 2015) and scanninng (December 2015)
More on compact, bridge or SPR cameras
igitising and preserving family history (November 2015)
Night photography
(October 2015)
Exposure (September 2015)
Controlling movement, etc (August 2015)
3D photography, etc (July 2015)
Adobe update, etc. (June 2015)
Image file properties (May 2015)
How to control what is sharp in your picture (April 2015)
Scanning slides, negatives and prints (March 2015)
Looking after your images “From Camera to the Grave” (January 2015)
Optimum resolution for various task (November 2014)
Museum photography and Microsoft Digital Image Software
Alternatives to Photoshop
(September 2014)
Prints and printing
(August 2014)
A brief history of colour slides (August 2014)
Printing and printer settings (July 2014)
Working at the high end - RAW format (June 2014)

Click here to see a selection of photographs by Tony Leonard
Click here to see a selection of photographs by John Brewell


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