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picturePolitical Thinking

Convenor: Jonathan Lucas


We meet on the third Monday of each month from 10:00 to 12:00 in the Amersham Community Centre Pottery Room.

The aim is to participate in politics through political discussion in a convivial group of about twelve people; to be serious and interesting as well as fun. Topics vary considerably - current issues, long standing controversies, political theories and systems, but no party politics.

The topic is finalised a few days before the meeting and circulated to members. Members have time to consider their views and perhaps do a little research to improve their understanding of the topic and be able to share this with others.

The outline programme is intended to be general and flexible and gives an idea of the range of topics that might be discussed - see below. Reports of meetings to date can be viewed below.

More members are welcome.


Click here for a summary of debates to date.

Click here for the programme of forthcoming debates.

Notes of individual debates are available below:

December 2018: Is there such a concept as the National Interest?” And “Is the quality of
politicians and their leaders adequate for the challenges of the 21st century?”
November 2018: Austerity and the effect on poverty in the UK; Immigration policy and citizen’s
rights; Political Thinking Group matters; Brexit
October 2018: The financing of local government and the trend towards fewer authorities.
October 2018: 'Populism' is a recent development in many democratic countries. What is
populism, what characterises it, why has it arisen, what are its dangers (and, if any, its
claimed virtues), what can be done to counter it and what are the prospects of success in
such an endeavour?
September 2018: What would be a good Brexit?
August 2018: The consequences of Brexit
July 2018 Topic 1 “Take Back Control.” What does this mean? Topic 2 “Leaving and the consequences of so doing.”
June 2018 Topic 1 “In the light of Brexit can a referendum become an integrated part of the UK
political system.” Topic 2 “How can a political choice be made between the alternatives of staying in and
leaving Europe?”
May 2018 Now that women have achieved political equality, why is equality in
other aspects of life so far behind ?
April 2018 Given the continuing and seemingly unstoppable increase in Inequality in the UK, why has there not
been a revolution?
March 2018 Education is wasted on the young?
February 2018 Are demands on the public purse too high to be met by any acceptable taxation?
January 2018 It is feasible and fair for the UK to implement Land Value Tax to replace at least one
third of current tax take?
December 2017 Localism as a political tendency
October and November 2017 The voluntary sector; past present and future
September 2017 What type of Second Chamber should the UK have?
August 2017 It is now impossible for democratic government to be effective
July 2017. A Free Press is an essential form of protection of individual liberty in a democratic
June 2017. The UK political institutions Parliament and the Monarchy do not provide adequate
safeguards for democracy especially in a hung Parliament
May 2017. The current UK Tax system is not fit for purpose
April 2017. The current UK political system of elected representatives in several Parliaments, unelected representatives and popular referenda in an unclear and ambiguous relationship is not an effective way to achieve a sovereign democracy
March 2017. Current policies with respect to Housing are not working and need a major re-think. Subsidiary topic
"Should there be a second referendum on Scottish independence?"
February 2017. Current policies with respect to Education are not working and need a major re-think
January 2017. Current policies with respect to the National Health Service are not working and need a major re-think
December 2016. Topics: "A modern democracy, like Britain, requires a coherent policy of redistribution of wealth and income"
November 2016. Topics: "Britain needs more grammar schools" and "In Britain local government matters"
October 2016. Topics:" In Britain referendum result should be binding" and "To be democratic Britain needs proportional representation"
September 2016. Topic: "Britain is currently a demoocracy"

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