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pictureScience and technology

Convenors: John Byrne and Richard Eastmond


We meet on the third Thursday of each month from 14:00 to 16:00 in the Amersham Community Centre Pottery Room.

We have presentations and discussions covering a wide range of science and technology subjects, usually and preferably given or led by our members.  New members are very welcome.  Just turn up with your membership card and introduce yourself to one of the convenors.  You certainly do not have to be a scientist to be part of the group, although some people are.  Of more importance is an interest in things scientific and the technology that flows from this.  

The format of our meetings varies to suit different lengths and styles of presentations and discussion is encouraged.  We try to tap into the knowledge of a very diverse range of subjects that people in the Group have, whether this is from their working background or subjects that they have looked into because they have caught their eye and imagination.  We appreciate that it can be daunting for some people to deliver a talk to a Group, but we are always willing to help with putting presentations together and getting the technology sorted on the day.  We welcome presentations or talks from group members as we depend on these to keep our programme going, but we will not force anyone to do something they are not comfortable about.

To give an indication of the wide span of Science and Technology topics we cover, during 2018 we had talks or presentations on the following:

Nuclear power – friend or foe
Isaac Newton: Achievements and disputes
How clean should we be?
A glimpse at the world of adhesives
A light hearted look at 2000 years of welding
How to be happy whilst achieving 1000 MPG
A quick way to improve the Wi-Fi performance of your router
Exposure to radiation
Landing on a comet
Genetically modified crops
Scientific feuds and blunders
Milankovitch cycles
Using science to grow vegetables
Why do adults need so much protein?
Are modern foods safe – myths and facts
Plans to capture heat from London’s underground rivers
Electric bicycles
Plastic eating microbes
Big data

At our meetings we have a break for tea/coffee which gives people a chance to mingle and have a chat, as well as stretching their legs.  During 2018 we also arranged a visit to see how the Amazon Distribution Centre in Hemel Hempstead operates as an additional event to our monthly meetings.

Whether you are new to Chiltern U3A or an established member who is looking for new things, come and give us a try. Our anticipated programme for the next month or so is in the latest Newsletter, or contact either of the convenors.

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