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Group Events are open to members of the Group. They may be their regular meetings which are held at different venues each time; outings organised for the group as part of their activities; or maybe a group lunch or social get together.

For Members: If you're interested in joining a Group in order to take part in their Events, please login and then click on the Group name on the Our groups button above. Once you’re on your chosen Group’s page, use the ‘email’ icon to contact the Group Convenor  or the apply to join icon to join the Group  

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TAG Deathtrap02 Mar 202411:007 hrsMill at Soning
Veg Patch: Fatima @ Little Chalfont06 Mar 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
WT3: above or below the equator15 Mar 202414:002+ hoursSmall Barn Hall
FH1 - Tips and Recommendations - Members contributions19 Mar 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - The Amersham Workhouse - Gwyneth Wilkie20 Mar 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
Strollers : Up Your Street28 Mar 202410:052 hoursThe Hit and Miss, Penn Street, HP7 0FA
Strollers : The Bellingdon Loop03 Apr 202410:152 hours8 Swan Close, HP52Lw
Veg Patch: Sheelah @ Great Kingshill03 Apr 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
FH1 - Fleshing Out the Bones - Ian Waller16 Apr 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - MyHeritage Photo Image Enhancements - Peter Heilbrunn17 Apr 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
TAG Moulin Rouge18 Apr 202414:303Piccadilly Theatre
Strollers : COLLEGE LAKE 24 Apr 202410:152 Hours 
Veg Patch: Kate @ Chesham Bois08 May 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
FH2 - Immigrants & Emigrants in your Family 15 May 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
FH1 - The Amersham Workhouse - Gwyneth Wilkie21 May 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
Veg Patch: Neville @ Prestwood12 Jun 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
FH1 - Occupations and Trades - Members contributions18 Jun 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - How do I do that?19 Jun 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
Veg Patch: Penny @ tba04 Jul 202414:002 hours 
FH1 - Turning Your Tree Into a Tale - Kathy Chater16 Jul 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - Advice on Starting your Family History Research - Members contributions17 Jul 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
Veg Patch: Anthony @ Chesham Bois07 Aug 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
FH1 - more Places and Ancestors - Members contributions20 Aug 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - The Metcalf Surname - Peter Metcalf21 Aug 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
Veg Patch: Peter @ Amersham05 Sep 202414:002 hoursWoodside allotments
FH1 - TBA17 Sep 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - Family Heirlooms & Inherited Objects - Members contributions18 Sep 202410:002 hoursPottery Room
Veg Patch: Janet @ Little Chalfont03 Oct 202414:002 hoursMembers' Homes
FH1 - AI in Genealogy - Barry Walker15 Oct 202410:002 hoursLarge Barn Hall
FH2 - The Story of a German Brass Band in Victorian England - Peter Heilbrunn16 Oct 202410:002 hoursPottery Room